Business concepts

TENDAYS KIDS is a series of functional spinal care product exclusively designed for growing infants and babies. We adopted Visco Elastic Foam developed by NASA to accommodate to needs of growing kids to support the most appropriate support and protection. Makes your kids grow up healthy through good sleep, fall asleep joyfully and create the best foundation for their future. TENDAYS KIDS, the best choice for your kids!


Sleep and nutrition are two main factors to the proper growth for kids. Except enough sleep and nutrition, it is particularly important to select the bedding which is clinically proven to benefit the growth and provide comprehensive spinal support and protection for your kids.


A suitable bed and pillow for your kids can not only make them have stable sleep but also the key to enter deep sleep stage. Most adult mattresses in the market are too hard to kids. So parents need to be cautious when choosing exclusive bed and pillow for their kids.

As the leading brand in spinal care bedding for kids, TENDAYS KIDS inherits the concept of tailored bedding from TENDAYS and developed functional spinal care products. Provides all-around care from infants to teenagers.

Our vision

With the care to children health, TENDAYS KIDS integrates the collaboration experience of medical and academic fields to keep promoting the correct knowledge of spinal care and sleep for kids. We will also produce more innovative products to provide customers with more selections on style, function and effect. We wish all babies in the world can have good sleep and grow up healthy to create the best foundation for future.